About Us

Out of love for our dogs and ability to walk or run long distances we started a business that combines our passions.

Kristina Irvin has had dogs for 25 years and has taught dog agility for nearly 16 years. An accomplished ultra runner and longtime resident of the South Bay, Kristina and her dogs  are a fixture
 in the local  neighborhoods and parks. 

Amy Burton has had dogs for over 16 years and is now the happy guardian to Lily the cat. When Amy brought her first dog, Hannah, to dog agility with Kristina a good friendship was born. We started our pet care business in 2005 and I have been enjoying my daily dose of dogs ever since.

Kim Petersen  After 6 years in the pet grooming industry,  became a Woofie Walkers’ partner in 2008.
Her passion is animals, having raised and cared for a lifetime of dogs, cats, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, birds, lizards and fish. She enjoys spending her days with the dogs, getting exercise and fresh air. She considers animal care her most rewarding job.